Traditional Japanese Reiki




The word Reiki is Japanese being REI Universal Energy and KI Life Energy. Channeling energy for healing is, probably, as old as a man. We can all do it; it does not require special conditions. The Universal Energy that we channel and transfer regulates itself depending on the customer need so it will never receive more energy than we can manage at the time. Reiki helps the system to heal itself by balancing and restoring its energy. It works at all levels and in all diseases; we can use it to keep us balanced at an energy level thereby preventing energy blockages or dysfunction to develop into injuries or illnesses in our physical body. With this technique created by Usui Sensei, after being tuned we can begin to channel energy to accelerate our own healing process and that of others.

The Reiki path is one of healing and growth, it deals with us as complete beings, there is a direct relationship between our beliefs, conscious or not, emotions, mental processes, that keep us tied to our energy dysfunctions and even if we heal an injury or illness if we do not heal it at a deeper level, making us aware of how we provoke it, generally reappears. Reiki helps us see who we are, how we work, what we cause in our energetic body and in our life. It is a path of unconditional love for us and for others.

The REIKI technique - Usui Traditional System – is, since 1995, part of the context of complementary alternative therapeutic practices, recognized by the World Health Organization. (WHO)



Reiki en japonés

"Just for today do not anger

Just for today do not worry

Just for today be grateful

Just for today work diligently and honestly

Just for today be kind to others"