Energy treatments, in addition to attending them can also be done at a distance.
It is instant, no matter the distance to which the patient is. From the 1980s, with new experiments carried out by quantum physics, part of what is done in these therapies has been scientifically verified.

Energy must be always flowing; this requires cleaning the energy fields, the release of blockages and the correction of events of our lives that we have registered in different ways. What has affected us more will be registered more strongly, when we begin to cleanse or bring coherence to an energy system blockages arise, they do not do it linearly, but depending on what has been stored strongly. Thus the system encodes a subject, fact, situation according to the intensity of our reaction to it.

Nowadays distant treatments are increasing especially for people residing in other towns, where access is sometimes unattainable. For people who cannot seek treatment due to illnesses and is a relative or friend who requests so, therapy is performed with permission.

The patient can request a brief summary of the main topics that have arisen during the treatment and any recommendations that is considered to be appropriate to support and strengthen the realised changes. This will be sent via email.


"The heart of man is a musical instrument, containing great music. Asleep, but it is there, waiting for the right time to be interpreted, expressed, sung, danced. And it is through love that this moment arrives."