Karuna Reiki


The word Karuna means compassion or any action taken to alleviate the suffering of others. The word Prakriti means Universal Energy. This system of Reiki was channeled to Swami Prem Anand at the end of the nineteenth century. Since then it has resulted in several systems of Reiki. The Karuna-Prakriti has, now, 25 symbols channeled to different teachers, at different times, 21 belong to this system and 4 to the Mastery level of the Tibetan Reiki System. It has evolved over the years so the initiation and attunement is quite different from the original Karuna. In general with Karuna Reiki the energy and the connection with light are perceived more strongly.

It consists of two levels Master and Practitioner. To perform the latter you must have completed third level on Traditional Japanese Reiki and for the Master's Degree you must have Karuna Practitioner or Master of Traditional Japanese Reiki.

It has many more symbols so it is more specific for treating the different ailments or blocks.



símbolo de Reiki

“The olive tree grew a branch higher than the others. Only she with its new olives could contemplate the valley”