Reiki for Children :)


We are all born connected to universal energy but as we become adults we “forget” and keep moving away from this constant flow. Children, generally, are free of prejudice, blocks, energy flows in them unimpeded, naturally. Their perception is different from ours. When we hurt ourselves they use their hand to heal us. The subtle touch, feelings are part of their life. They have a great healing capacity which they are willing to share, always, with love.

Reiki Workshops for Children

The workshops are organized in two age groups: 

  • 6 to 9 years (3 hours)
  • 10 to 13 years (4 hours)

The Reiki Course for children includes

  • An explanation of what is Reiki and how it is used
  • A guided meditation
  • Reiki Art
  • Hand positions for self healing
  • Traditional Japanese Reiki attunement – FIRST LEVEL
  • Practice with themselves and others
  • Share everything they are experiencing with the group
  • Certificate 

Some notable changes, after receiving the attunement are a greater concentration, better impulsiveness control and development of healing sensitivity, as well as a greater confidence on themselves, all of it from an attitude full of love.
Children may   also receive an individual initiation without attending a workshop. We can agree on a private session to which they have to come with one of their parents and where they will receive a Traditional Japanese Reiki attunement – FIRST LEVEL - and an explanation of what is Reiki and how it is used and a certificate.
It is recommended that one of their tutors knows some Reiki. In them as well as you is that they keep practicing and that these abilities keep increasing.









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